ManUp Foundation

Raising Men to save our Children

Thanks for visiting!

Tena koutou katoa,

On behalf of the ManUp Foundation I would like to take the time to thank you for visiting our website

ManUp gives you and many others a chance to share experiences with similar men who have been down the same track as you. We provide the opportunity for you to discuss ways of managing the challenges in the lives of men whether its dealing with Drugs and Alcohol, Domestic Violence, Debt, Abuse and other things that have held us up


We welcome you to the programme and hope that throughout the 12 weeks you attend we will be able to give you the tools to deal with the challenges you currently face.

Please feel free to speak with me or any of our Lead Facilitators over this time who will be able to connect you to the many support services we have in our organisation.

This walk is not yours alone and over this time we will have to address the many demons that maybe within our lives. ManUp gives us the opportunity to deal with these demons together.

Ma Te Atua hei manaaki, hei tiaki I a koe – God bless and we hope you benefit from your time with us.

Noho ora Mai


Caine Warren


0800 1626687